Project: Barrows Advertising, NY, Designer: Ghislaine Vinas, Photographer: Garrett Rowland.
Project: Center for Architecture, New York, NY, Designer: Andrew Berman, Architect , Photography: Aronson's Floor Covering.
Photographer: Mark Roskams Designer: Ghislaine Vinas


Truffle is a durable carpet made from goat hair. Its durability makes it ideal for commercial spaces with a lot of traffic, but it can also make an excellent choice for residential use because of its clean lines and fun color selection. Truffle’s ribbed structure allows for cutting into various shapes without fraying and maintains a clean edge even without binding.

The wide selection of colors and choice between carpet tile or roll goods make Truffle easy for customization on any plethora of projects, whether you are looking for a turnkey solution to a large-scale installation or a totally custom-designed area rug for a specialty client.

Truffle is comprised of 80% Goat Hair, 15% Nylon, and 5% Viscose.

Lead Time: 2-3 weeks
Tiles are available in 35 colors, Rolls are available in 48 colors


6'-7" width rolls and 20" x 20" tiles

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