December 4, 2014

Sustainable Floor Covering: Cork, Linoleum and Bamboo

Presenter: Carol Swedlow, R.A., President, Aronson’s Floor Covering

Overview: The floor covering industry offers a range of rapidly renewable and biodegradable options, including cork, linoleum, and bamboo. This seminar covers specifications, LEED, installation procedures, and maintenance recommendations for these environmentally-friendly materials

Carol Swedlow An architect by training, Carol entered her family’s business 15 years ago – first as a project manager, then as Managing Partner and ultimately as President – and never turned back. Under her tutelage, Aronson’s has become renowned for its considered approaches to design and architecture, as well as its dedication to environmental sustainability. The store has changed the conversation about design materials, artisanship and sustainability through its work with artisan materials fabricators and its workshop series for architects and designers, and its emphasis on sustainability is reflected in flooring collections featuring natural fibers and other sustainable materials. In addition to her background as an architect, Carol is also a building developer, an active co-op and condo board member and a committed member of her East Village neighborhood and community.


This lecture is accredited for: AIA Continuing Education, HSW/SD, 2 LU’s.

Image Credit: Oak Room and Bar, New York City: Selldorf Architects