November 7, 2013

Zero Energy Building

Presenter: Jean-Pierre Clejan, IGSHPA, NABCEP GreenLogic Energy, LLC

Overview: In this lecture, certified energy practitioner Jean-Pierre Clejan will describe the economics that make solar electric systems feasible for commercial buildings. He will present recent case studies of LEED projects that incorporate solar electricity and geothermal HVAC, including a Zero Energy medical building, a Near-Zero Energy liquor superstore and a Zero Energy champagne warehouse.

Jean-Pierre Clejan first developed renewable energy solutions in the late 1970s at California Institute of Technology, building solar cells and working on early wind turbines and geoexchange systems (precursors to today’s geothermal HVAC systems). After a career in information systems, he returned to renewable energy and now integrates solar, geothermal and wind systems into building projects and provides education and training on renewable energy options to architects, builders, and engineers.

Image Credit: Greenlogic, LLC

This lecture is accredited for: AIA Continuing Education, HSW/SD, 2 LU’s.