March 7, 2019


Solar Power and Renewable Energy for Buildings

Presenter: Jean-Pierre Clejan, NABCEP, IGSHPA, Technology Executive, GreenLogic Energy LLC

Overview: Learn how renewable energy elements can be selected, integrated and optimized in construction projects; understand the pre-requisites, financial considerations and regulatory restraints that can that affect a project’s success; and review invaluable case studies illustrating these renewable energy technologies and best-practices implementation techniques.

Jean-Pierre Clejan develops and installs solar and geothermal ground-source heat pump systems in the lower Tri-State area to reduce the carbon footprint and operating costs of commercial and residential construction projects. JP enjoys working with design professionals, developing zero energy or near-zero energy buildings. He received his Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Applied Science degree from the California Institute of Technology.

Accredited for 2 CEU credits through AIA. 


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Solar Power and Renewable Energy for Buildings

March 7, 2019, 12-2PM

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