Regardless of the size or type of project, Aronson’s has the experience, expertise, and industry resources to realize your flooring projects.

Trustworthy, design-focused, reliable and innovative.

Aronson’s does floors really, really well – because that’s all we do. In fact, floors have been our sole focus since our business was launched over 150 years ago. Situated in a 5,000-square-foot showroom on a design-centric block in Chelsea, we are considered the go-to store for architects, interior designers, visual merchandisers and general contractors. These professionals look to us for innovative flooring solutions for everything from private residences, hotels and apartment buildings to retail environments and corporate office interiors. Our staff’s understanding of installation and labor is unrivaled, and enables us to provide turnkey solutions to clients anywhere in the world.

At the helm of Aronson’s is Carol Swedlow, an architect and developer who came to her family’s business in 1997 and has evolved it in unimaginable ways since then. Carol infuses every project with her design sensibility, and her background has helped turn Aronson’s from a retail store into a trusted industry resource. A licensed provider of seminars for the American Institute of Architects, our mission is to educate clients about materials, manufacturing processes and up-and-coming designers. Our Lunch & Learn lectures often have an emphasis on environmental impact and sustainability, issues of the utmost importance to Carol and our staff.

Today, Aronson’s is renowned for finding innovative solutions for projects of all sizes, scopes and budgets, whether that means creating oversized area rugs for a Tribeca loft or water-resistant floor coverings for a hotel in the Bahamas. No matter what the job, our eye is always on environmental sustainability, a fact that is reflected in flooring collections featuring natural fibers and other sustainable materials, beautiful designs and quality workmanship.