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Cork – Stained Floor Series

Our pre-stained and finished cork flooring is composed of 96% recycled and renewable cork bark.


Bare utilizes hardworking, eco-friendly wool and goat hair fibers in classic neutrals to bring you the perfect flooring solution for high traffic areas.


We love the chic minimalist style of these paper carpets. Paper is the strongest fiber in the plant fiber family. A light wax coating protects it from stains.

Linoleum Tile

Available in three sizes linoleum floor tile is made of natural raw materials. Linoleum is a great eco-friendly, hard-wearing floor choice.


Eclair is meticulously hand knotted from hemp like nothing you’ve seen before.


Sitarist is a chic thin sisal-like flat weave in a sophisticated color palette. We love this carpeting!

Drive Sports Flooring

Durable, slip-resistant, and comfortable under foot. This vulcanized composition rubber surface is available in rolls and tiles.


Our most popular sisal and great for commercial use. Sisal’s many attributes: hard-wearing, moisture-regulating, sound-damping and heat-insulating product.


Crafted from reclaimed nylon and featuring a cut pile with a shiny finish, this top-tier material excels in both environmental sustainability and performance.

Coco Matting

Typically used in entryways, vestibules, and foyers. Coco Matting is made from natural coconut fibers that brush away dirt and moisture.

Steel and Brass Studded Tiles

Solid rubber tiles are reinforced with stainless steel or brass studs, specially designed for elevators, entrance ways, and areas that bear heavy weight.