Area Rugs

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Winthrop plays well with different interior designs and can act as a neutral foundation, beautiful in itself, or on which to layer design elements.


Beautiful and strong enough to go in bustling residential or commercial spaces, Ravenna brings elegance and peace of mind to your space.


Hotel lobbies, boutique businesses, offices and residences will benefit from the organic beauty, low maintenance and neutral yet refined colorways of Medina.


Langley brings comfort underfoot, glamor with its tiger eye pattern, and a new ease of cleanability without sacrificing rich texture.


An excellent choice for high traffic living areas, stairs, boutique businesses and commercial spaces.


This is a versatile, hand-loomed commercial wool broadloom carpeting.


Barleys is a linear rib design made a heathered wool in subtle understated earthy tones.


Hundre is a high-density lopped wool which uses a heathered yarn system suitable for both commercial and residential purposes.

Nuanced Velvet

Nature’s Velvet is an exclusive plush cut pile carpet crafted from heather yarns, showcasing a subtle texture accentuated by the inherent luster of wool fibers.

Wishing Well

Wishing Well embodies a meticulously crafted loop texture using plush heathered wool. Its vertical ribs intermingle with dotted loops, fashioning a woven-style surface.

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