Natural Fibers

We offer a wide array of floor coverings that have nature as their starting point, from plant-based fibers like sisal, jute, seagrass, mountain grass and paper to wool and cotton. These fibers make great area rugs as well as wall-to-wall carpets, and are all renewable, sustainable and biodegradable. Rich in heritage, these products have been grown by people who have been practicing their crafts for centuries with respect for their land and people. As attractive as they are eco-friendly, the crops from which these fibers come help sustain cultures and contribute to an eco-system.

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Coco Matting

Typically used in entryways, vestibules, and foyers, Coco Mats are made from natural coconut fibers that brush away dirt and moisture.

Diary II

Diary II is one of the softest carpet available. When our clients ask for one of the softest carpet, this is our go to!

Coco Tiles

Coco tiles, a natural fibers favorite, are woven boucle tiles made of a blend of coir and sisal.


Maine is a sisal broadloom carpeting suitable for high traffic commercial settings as well as residential areas.


Bare utilizes hardworking, eco-friendly wool and goathair fibers in classic neutrals to bring you the perfect flooring solution for high traffic areas.

Lumiere Lyon

Lumiere Lyon combines silky tencel and elegant, asymmetrical ribs. Suitable for wall-to-wall installations and finished area rugs.


Let all-wool Timid take your room to the the next level of sophistication.

Eternal Scene

Eternal Scene creates a tweed and plaid effect in wool and viscose for a textured look.


Our largest chunky braided broadloom, available in three elegant neutrals.

Simple Ivy

Simple Ivy’s shiny, rib pattern fits any setting.

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