We’re passionate about our work. In our 150 years of service, we’ve had the opportunity to work on some pretty incredible projects. Here are just a few.

250 West Street

Our team worked with designers, the building superintendent, and Condo Board to create a custom Axminster carpeting and update their gym.

325 Kent, Brooklyn

Aronson’s worked closely with Leeser Architecture on five custom designed, hi-definition printed carpets for the residential recreation area at 325 Kent in Williamsburg.

Greenwich Village Brownstone, Stair Runners & Landings

We coordinated a multi-stage installation for a multi-level stair-and-landing with custom stair rods for a single family, four-story brownstone in Greenwich Village.

Staircases, Various

Our unparalleled knowledge of staircases, old and new, and the techniques required for each unique job has afforded us the opportunity to work on some of the city’s most interesting projects- and beyond.

212 Fifth Avenue

We worked with Pembrooke and Ives to adorn newly-renovated 212 Fifth Avenue with a custom wool and nylon axminster carpet for the common hallways.

Stair Rods

A selection of stair rods projects, whether ornamental or functional, to showcase our experience and knowledge of this trending metal hardware look.

Vero Beach Residence, Florida

We worked with Designer Marla Pasareno of I-Ray Studio to develop custom tencel and wool rugs for a vacation home in Vero Beach, Florida.

Linoleum Area Rug

We worked with the client’s architect Douglas Kocher to develop a plan for the design and fabrication of linoleum colored rugs in their private Chelsea loft.

Tribeca Condo

Our team assisted Designer Carolyn Pressly with cork flooring in two areas of the home, creating custom stained tiles in the playroom and office that were installed in eye-catching patterns.

Residential, Various

Aronson’s has become a go-to collaborator for Foley + Cox Interiors firm to find just the right floor coverings for their esteemed clientele, who reside in locations ranging from the Hamptons to Hyannis Port, the Big Apple to Big Sky, Montana.